Jim Peck memorial match

The spotlight turned to Great Blakenham last week, as the Suffolk club staged the first invitational meeting of the Jim Peck Memorial, which is now planned to run as an annual event.

With sixteen riders including the quality of veterans; Ashford, Harris and the current vets champion Zagni.…

Training tonight (Mon 13 Oct 2014) Cancelled due to weather

Due to the weather conditions for most of the day and in light of the pictures that Charlie Rumbold took earlier of the track showing the shale washed away in areas, in the interest of both Rider safety and prevention of further track damage occurring, tonight’s training will not take place.…

2014 Elite League stats published

The 2014 Elite League statistics have been published.  Ipswich finished fourth in the Elite League and third in the Elite Combination League.  Our top scorers are Josh, third highest average in the Elite League (3.4 per heat) and Rich, highest average in the Elite Combination (3.69 per heat).…


Elite League: Ipswich 88 Wednesfield 88

Ipswich Eagles 88.
Josh Brooke 18+1 (5) , Adam Peck 14+1 (5) , Matt Hill 13+1 (5), Ashley Hill 12 (5), Leon Mower 10+2 (5), Charlie Rumbold 10 (5) , Jamie Chittock 9 (5), Jordan Stant 2 (1) .

Wednesfield Aces 88 .

2014 Club Championship table

Today’s Under 19s Championship completed the 2014 British Club Championship, Ipswich’s win today retaining the overall title for the third successive year.

Ipswich were the only team this year to enter all seven categories, with first-time riders in the Under 10s, 13s, 16s, Women and Veterans teams.…