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Please also see our South East Region page for links to other local clubs.

Cycle Speedway Directory provides a link to cycle speedway clubs websites plus a map of where they are.
cycle speedway history Cycle Speedway Teams Down the Ages is an attempt to record and display not only every Cycle Speedway team that ever existed, but also to include the riders who rode for these, plus any interesting facts and photo’s
Re~Cycle Re~Cycle is a UK charity committed to providing cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. We believe that bicycles offer poor people the best means to improve their lives, giving them opportunities to travel to work and school. They can also be adapted to carry goods and passengers giving small scale farmers and traders the opportunity to reach customers further afield. They are also an invaluable resource for traveling health workers coping with the AIDS epidemic. Check out their site for more information. Local drop-off point in Ipswich and the main office is Colchester.