Import our calendar, Android and gmail

The Eagles’ calendar is a Google Calendar, imported by the web site every few minutes.  Members who wish to add or edit events can contact Phil Clarke for access.

The calendars are:

  • Club events – invitationals, training, try-it days, AGM etc
  • South East region events
  • National events – British Team and Individual events, Internationals, etc

Using the Eagles calendar on an Android phone:

The easiest way is to add the calendars to a Google account (see below), and add that Google account to your phone.  Adding accounts varies between devices but is normally under Settings -> Accounts -> Add.

You can add these URLs directly in to your phone, but its much easier on a PC.

Remember to regularly ‘sync’ the calendars on your phone (or enable auto-syncing if it wont hammer your data allowance) or you won’t receive updates.

Adding the Eagles calendar to  your Google account:

Log in to your Google calendar with a web browser (  On the left at the bottom, open the “other calendars” menu and select “add by URL”.  Add each of the URLs from the table below, one by one.


Hey presto, the Eagles calendars will be available from all(?) applications that view your Google calendar.

XML feed URLs

South East: