Well Played, Sport!

“Well Played, Sport!” is an initiative supported by the club to help everyone enjoy their sporting competition and allow spectators, athletes and officials get the most out of their participation and excellence.

Attendence at this event is subject to the following reponsibilities of spectators, athletes and officials. Whilst we hope that everyone will enjoy their sport, attendence at this event is not a license to behave to the detriment of the enjoyment of others.

Spectators’ Charter

  • Do not encroach on the playing area but remain in the area(s) set aside for spectators
  • Respect athletes, coaches, officials and other spectators
  • Accomodate reasonable requests made by the officials, athletes and other spectators in the interests of the sport (e.g. keeping still and silent during periods of intense concentration)
  • Encourage and acknowledge the excellance AND participation of the athletes


Athletes’ and Coaches’ Charter

  • Respect decisions made by contest officials
  • Take defeat graciously
  • Remain within the playing area and players’ holding areas unless otherwise given permission to leave by an event official
  • Play by the rules (or laws) and play by the spirit of the rules (or laws)


Officials’ Charter

  • Allow fair competition between athletes
  • Allow all athletes to compete with dignity
  • Apply the rules or laws of the game with consistency
  • Acknowledge that everyone is here to enjoy their sport