Suffolk Junior League Round 2 – Gt. Blakenham 23-05-15

Round Two saw an increase in the number of riders and teams from the four teams that attended Round One to Six Teams (Three Ipswich, Two Kesgrave and One Great Blakenham Team) and this provided good racing throughout the meeting.

Set-up to act as a novices Team event to encourage new riders at both Under 13 and Under 10 level, it seems to have done just that with the two youngest riders on the track being both just four, whilst 13 year olds were present too with. Run on a Fours basis (FourRiders plus one reserve), the riders do just three laps as U10’s are competing with Under 13’s at the same time on the track.

Round Two saw the three Suffolk Clubs attend Great Blakenham on a warm yet overcast Saturday morning and after some sorting out of day licences for five new Ipswich riders (Two of which had only been to the U10’s Training Academy the night before for the very first time), a six team 30 heat formula was written out and racing could begin. It should be said that as well as novice riders, this event also aims to get the novice parents involved in managing teams, waving flags, doing start gates, pit gates etc. in an effort to make it a totally all inclusive event with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

The racing was great and the many parents around the track cheered on riders from each of the teams no matter what position or club their were in or from and this also helps the novice riders settle in to life on the CS circuit.

As an aside to the actual racing, there was unfortuantely just the one sour note to the days proceedings, when 8 year old Keaton Ripper, riding in only his second season came out of turn two from the gates only to find the front wheel and forks of his own 2nd hand bike going off across the centre green, the handlebars in his hand and frame nose diving into the shale sending him over the, now non-existent, handlebars and a very heavy landing on his knee and head. Upon closer inspection, it would seem that at some stage prior to Keaton’s family buying the bike (An Archie Junior) somebody had decided to cut away the Forks down tube at the base just above the wheel to fit a 26″ wheel onto a 24″ Wheel set of forks thereby improving gearing. This seems a great idea right up until you realise how these forks are manufactured and that by cutting the forks at the base to increase spacing for a 26″ wheel, you also cutaway the weld that holds the forks to the downtube, which over time simply is an accient waiting to happen as the forks could come away from the downtube at any moment. So here is a lesson for any parent considering doing just that. DONT!!! There is a reason that the forks are made and sold in that size and in that manner, please don’t attempt to “better” a childs chances when the result could be far worse than the badly swollen and bruised knee sustained and wearing a helmet proved its worth that day too.

Back to the racing and scores on the day were as follows: –

Ipswich 1 – Ben Clarke 19, Kenzie Straight 10, Harvey Singleton 9, Serena Saunders 8 Total 46

Great Blakenham – Adam Cooper 16, Tim Laurence 10, Leon Dix 20, Harrison Harvey 14 Total 59

Ipswich 2 – Kristian Mitchell 16, Kai Gowers 14, Emma Ryan 9, Freddie Fililove 3, Heydon Mitchell 3 Total 45

Kesgrave 1 – Jake Vincent 20, Charlie Beeton 17, Leo Vincent 14, Jacob Hubbard 19 Total 70

Ipswich 3 – Keaton Ripper 3 (Retired Injured), Liam Farrell 9, Matthew Ryan 7, Emil Gowers 6 Total 25

Kesgrave 2 – Charlie Parr 15, Archie Foote 12, Dalton Mehmed 16, Ben Bailey 12 Total 55


A great days racing from a great bunch of new or novice riders who rode in the spirit of the event as it was intended. A big thank you to Great Blakenham for putting on the event and to Referee Gavin Whitehouse for his efforts on the day, along with those parents and helpers that make this event what it is.

Looking forward to round three to see just how many more new riders will be there from the three Suffolk Clubs.