British Club Championships: Poll, and multiple teams per club

The BCC moved from the fours format to “pairs + 2 reserves” (2+2) for 2020, for all categories except the Senior Fours. This year we are trialling multiple teams per CLUB for the 2+2 events, the rules being:

  • A National Championship requires three or more CLUBs
  • Every CLUB that enters a category will have a place in the competition. The number of CLUBs entered determines whether the event is a straight final (3 to 7 CLUBs) or requires qualifiers (8 or more CLUBs)
  • Pairs formulas will be used, with 2 optional reserves
  • The Finals use 3-team to 7-team formulas. 5, 6 and 7-team give the best racing.
  • The remaining spaces in the draw for qualifiers or final will be filled in order:
    • CLUBs entering a second team
    • CLUBs entering a third team
    • … and so on.
  • When the number of second / third / fourth etc entries exceeds the spaces in the qualifiers or final, the last spaces will be allocated by ballot.

This should allow us to fit the Championships in to a 2-day weekend. Allowing unrestricted team entries would require a 3-day weekend or multiple weekends.

Please complete this survey for your club, so that we can gauge the likely entries: Click here ….

Team riding

The offence of “team riding” applies. Repeat “team riding” and other cooperation may be a breach of Appendix G1 – Sanctions and penalties guidance, item 18: Behaviour that damages the image of cycling e.g. seeking an unfair advantage by any other means outside the rules or not in the spirit of the sport… – £200 fine, DQ & disciplinary referral


Category 1 – say, the Women’s

Another category – say, the Under 14’s

Another category – say, the Veterans

Remember you don’t name your squad until signing in on race day – so if you’re not allocated all your entries then you can pack the reserve places in your entered team(s).