IMPORTANT – 2013 CS Calendar Update and Event Registration Information

THE 2013 BC CS Calendar is now all on the BC Website and no doubt Phil will be making any changes to our own Website calendar to reflect this in due course.

Below is a copy of the email recieved from British Cycling’s Cycle Speedway Administrator Paul West today.

“As in the past all updates and changes to events will be reflected within this Database. Do check out the current listings when you get the opportunity and feel free to let me have any comments.

 Below is the list of 2013 British Cycling Cycle Speedway National Championships along with the closing date for entries for each.



Venue Close
at 4th May – U10 Club Poole 4th April
Sun 5th May – U13 Ind Swindon 5th April
Mon 6th May – U13 Club Exeter 6th April
Sat 1st Jun – U19 Club Sheffield 1st May
Sat 15th Jun – 50+ Ind Exeter 15th May
Sat 22nd Jun – U16 Club Ipswich 22nd May
Sat 29th Jun – Home Inter Wednesfield N/A
Sat 13th Jul – 40+ Ind Astley & Tyldesley 13th June
Sat 13th Jul – 60+ Ind Astley & Tyldesley 13th June
Sat 3rd Aug – 40+ Club Norwich 3rd July
Sat 17th Aug – U19 Ind Newport 17th July
Sat 24th Aug- U10 Ind Bretford 24th July
Sat 24th Aug- Open Q 1 Birmingham 24th July
Sun 25th Aug- Open Rep Leicester N/A
Sun 25th Aug- U16 Ind Leicester 25th July
Mon 26th Aug- Open Final Coventry N/A
Mon 26th Aug – Women Pre Q/Final Coventry 26th July
Sun 8th Sept – Knockout Cup Final East Park N/A
Sat 21st Sept – Open Club Hull 21st August
Sat 21st Sept – Women Club Hull 21st August

 As previously advised, entry for these Championships is by the BC On Line System only.

 I am aware that there has been some criticism of this change in process. Just some of the benefits of the BC On Line Entry System include the following-

 ·         The phoning or submission of Debit and Credit Card payments leads to a security risk with the potential for such details being left in files or on desks.

·         The submission of entries either over the phone or by post is open to disputes over entries having been submitted but either lost or perhaps never actually sent.

·         The current system of phoning in an entry is reliant on BC Cycle Speedway Events Development Officer being in the office and available to take them.

·         The On Line Entry System removes the hassle both completing and posting paper entry form or phoning in. The current Transaction Fee of 60p per entry more than compensates for the cost to the entrant of these alternative methods

·         In the first year (2012) of the BC Online Entry System over 100, 000 entries were successfully submitted through this system. Signs are already that this figure will be significantly higher in 2013

 In addition to the above list of National Championships, the Women’s Pairs and Individual GP League entries will also be managed On Line with entries closing a week before each round

 Any worries, do come back to me”.

 All the best

 Paul West

Events Development Officer – Cycle Speedway, Paracycling, Track

British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ 

Telephone: +44 (0)161 274 2021    |    Mobile: +44 (0)7507 641267    |

If you have any questions, by all means speak with our very own Club secretary Dave Hill in the first instance and he can speak to Paul West, beasue if you have questions, you can bet that someone else does too.