SE1: Norwich 83 Whirlwinds 112

Norwich Stars (68+15) 83 .
Gary Colby 13 (5), Dane Parkins 12(6), Jamie Medler 11 (6), Alan Parkins 10 (6), Alex Dyball 8 (6), Danny Margiston 7 (3), Steve Copping 5 (4) .

Ipswich Whirlwinds 112.
Joshua Brooke 24 (6), Lewis Roberts 20+4(6), Leon Mower 20+2(6), Jamie Chittock 19+5(6), Pierce Bacon 19 (6),Ben Harvey 10+4(6) .

Harford Park was the venue for the opening fixture of the 2014 SE1 season with Norwich welcoming the newly formed Ipswich Whirlwinds, with the Ipswich club making history by splitting their squad into two to form two teams to participant in the new revamped SE league.

With the visitors giving away fifteen penalty points they soon set about clawing the lead back even after an early set back in the opening heat with father and son partnership seeing off the challenge of Mower and Harvey. This though was to be their only success in a one sided affair as Ipswich racked up twelve heat advantages including eleven 7-3 ‘s. The team was lead well from the front by team captain Josh Brooke who scored 24 points and was well supported by all his team mates who all posted impressive scores.

Whirlwinds’ man of the match must go to young Pierce Bacon with an fantastic 19 points , also special mention to young Ben Harvey who supported Pierce together in three heats without dropping a heat to the opposition thus allowing the other older riders to concentrate on securing heats wins.

Next up for the Whirlwinds is a home fixture against Ipswich Eagles.