4th Rd SE Regional BYJL and SE GP

Yesterday saw the 4th and Final Regional Round of the British Youth & Junior League combined with the 4th round of the South East GP held at Somersham.


In gloriously sunny conditions, the riders decended upon the small Suffolk village track and showed up in force providing the most riders on the day for the Regional Rounds.


A big thank you to Bryan Harvey for his efforts during the week in preparing the track and giving the gates a fresh coat of paint.


Racing began on time and thanks to great organisation and teamwork between Ipswich, Kesgrave and Gt. Blakenham officials ran extremely slick too.


All the riders from U8’s (with two 4 year olds racing) right through to the Vets provided a great afternoon’s racing for those spectators lining the track.


Thankyou’s also go to Sami Harvey, Georgina Gilbert-Rolfe for running the clubhouse, Bill Brooke for helping set-up and again to Bill, Steve Copping and Gavin Whitehouse for reffing. Terry Ashford for providing the PA System and the Riders and Parents for making it a great days racing in all.


Full results as follows: –


Under 8


A Final – 1st Tommy Rope (Kes), 2nd Charlie Parr (Kes), 3rd Magnus Vincent (Kes), 4th Emil Gowers (Ips)

B Final – 1st Liam Farrell (Ips), 2nd Hayden Mitchell. (Ips)


Under 10


A Final – 1st Jake Cazey (Kes), 2nd Charlie Beeton (Kes), 3rd Keeton Ripper (Ips) 4th Daisy Steward (Kes)

B Final – 1st Archie Foote (Kes), 2nd Noah Woodhouse (Kes), 3rd Izzy Farrell (Ips), 4th Kai Gowers (Ips)

C Final – 1st Dalton Mehmed (Kes), 2nd Kenzie Straight (Ips), 3rd Harrison Harvey (Bla), 4th Haydn McGarry (Bla)

D Final – 1st Leo Vincent (Kes)


Under 12


A Final – 1st Lewis Brinkhoff (Kes), 2nd Charlie Johnson (Ips), 3rd Olie Wright (Kes), 4th Ben Clarke (Ips)

B Final – 1st Jake Vincent (Kes), 2nd Zac Cazey (Kes), 3rd Gemma Hill (Ips), 4th Kai Manger (Kes)

C Final – 1st Alfie Steward (Kes), 2nd Hansen Ingram (Kes), 3rd Kristan Mitchell (Ips), 4th Tom Skinner (Kes)

D Final – 1st Corey Davey (Bla) 2nd Hayden Pollard (Bla)


Under 14


A Final – 1st Harrison Bacon (Ips), 2nd Charlie Long (Kes), 3rd Jay Berry (Kes), 4th Leon Dix (Bla)

B Final – 1st Evan Vincent (Kes), 2nd Keanu Bowers (Kes), 3rd Ethan Mitchell (Ips), 4th Charley Brooke (Ips)

C Final – 1st Adam Cooper (Bla)


Under 17


A Final – 1st Pierce Bacon (Ips), 2nd Alex Harvey (Ips), 3rd Luke Dunningham (Ips), 4th Ben Harvey (Ips)

B Final – 1st Vlad Simmons (Bla)




A Final – 1st Chloe Pearce (Ips), 2nd Lily Gedge (Ips)


Team Scores – Kesgrave 277, Ipswich 233, Blakenham 50


South East GP




A Final – 1st Ashley Hill (Ips), 2nd Matt Hill (Ips), 3rd Fraser Harris (Ips), 4th Charlie Rumbold (Ips)




A Final – 1st Gary Brown (Kes), 2nd Ray Pyke (Kes), 3rd Phil Clarke (Ips), 4th Gary Bowers (Kes)

B Final – 1st Terry Ashford (Bla), 2nd Darren Mitchell (Ips), 3rd John Oakley (Kes), 4th Steve Copping (Nor)


Total Riders = 49 (Y&J) + 12 (SE GP)


Refs – Bill Brooke, Steve Copping and Gavin Whitehouse