Ipswich vs Poole, match report

Ipswich Eagles 97.
Lewis Roberts 13+1, Daniel Knights 10, Adam Peck 14+2, Matthew Hill 12+3,
Ashley Hill 12+2, Joshua Brooke 10+1, Ben Harvey 9+2, Pierce Bacon 17+1 .

Poole Comets 81 .
Greg Gluchowski 19, Luke Armes 2, Steve Haris 18, Hayden Chant 8 , Gavin Wheeler 9,
Dean Hook 9, Pete Chant 3, Will Bristow 10, Callum Albin 1, Jay Briggs 1 .

Referee. Terry Ashford (Suffolk) .

Both teams went into this afternoon’s fixture under strength ,with both sides calling upon their youth to fill gaps left vacant by seniors riders which were unavailable. Ipswich were looking to get their first win of the campaign and knew if they could cut out the individual errors that as cost them dearly this season , Roberts and Knights got the home team off to a great start with an opening 6-4 against Gluchowski and Armes ,this was only time Gluchowski was to be beaten as the home side rode cleverly in relegating his partner to the back which the home side did over and over again and what looked a tight match in paper soon became one way traffic with Ipswich completely dominating the opening nine heats, Ipswich gave two sixteen year olds in the shape of Ben Harvey and Piecre Bacon a chance to show what they were capable of doing. Pierce Bacon most certainly didn’t waste any time in showing what he is all about with an outstanding display of riding from the front as he top scored with a 17+1 from his reserve berth and clearly deserved his man of the match ,not to be out done Ben Harvey showed maturity when asked just to do the holding role in his heats which he done with great affect.

Ipswich’s dominance was apparent in heats five ,six and seven when they reeled off two 6-4’s and then after Gavin Wheeler was excluded for moving under orders ,Roberts and that man Bacon punish Hook for a 7-2 heat win to open up a thirteen point lead and in the last heat of the first half Ash Hill and Harvey secured a gritty 6-4. Poole being fifteen points down took the inside grids for the second half which gave this young Ipswich side something else to think about but they set out in limiting Poole with some excellent team riding and were more than happy to take shared heats through out the second half with there being seven in all with Poole wining their only heat in ten after Brooke got his marching orders for bringing down Bristow ,the re run saw them secure a 6-3. Heat fifteen saw Ipswich produce a cracking 7-3 with Roberts and Bacon with the youngster picking his second heat win, for the home team this win has been long over due ,because the home side haven’t been riding badly as said at top of the report just some individual mistakes that had crept into their overall performance, taking the Wednesfield match a side Ipswich have always had a shout in wining the other matches, its Sheffield up next for the Suffolk side so today’s win will set them in good stead, but know they face a stiff challenge in two weeks time.

The match was well officiated by Mr. Terry Ashford ,who didn’t have to much to call thou there was some cracking racing in all eighteen heats which kept the crowd entertained throughout.

Elite Combination .

Ipswich Eagles (62+9). 71 .
Alex Harvey 12, Charlie Rumbold 19+1 , Fraser Harris 10+1, Charlie .J. Herbert 8+2 ,
Luke Dunningham 4, Charlie Johnson 4, Ian Johnson 5 .

Poole Comets 68 .
Callum Albin 15+2, Jordan Bradford 8+1, Pete Chant 16+1, Luke Armes 8+1,
Jay Briggs 11+1 Ben Tisdale 10 .

The combination match proved to be just as exciting as the first with both teams going at each other, Poole were giving away nine penalty points but on paper looked the stronger side , with call offs Ipswich had to make changes to their line up with father and son Ian and Charlie Johnson coming in Charlie who only ridden the day before for Ipswich U13 team at Kesgrave and dad Ian still new to the sport riding in the vets ,thou Ipswich did have an added bonus with Charlie Rumbold who was unable to ride for the first team due to work, agreed to help the younger riders and his encouragement was well received from the other riders.
The match edged one way then the other as both set of riders thought for every single point , Ipswich were to lose the match by six points but secured an unlikely victory with the instructions from team manager Tony Stant with a clear message to keep it as tight as we can and not let the Poole team gain any momentum.

The partnership between Rumbold and Harvey proved to be fruitful with three heat advantages two 6-4 and a 7-3, to undo Poole’s two 7-3’s ,heat twelve was to prove the deceiding heat for the home team with Herbet and I.Johnson replacing his son Charlie ,with Briggs out in front Herbert second , Tisdale managed to pass Johnson but Herbert was quick to react and picked up Tisdale allowing Johnson to pass inside and secure a shared heat thus allowing Ipswich to scure a shared heat in the last and a richly deserved victory against all odds.

Luke Dunningham also got his chance to shine and will have learn a lot today about team riding and will improve with more appearances ,and i would like just to mention a big thank you to Fraser Harris who at the start of the afternoon was told he was going to be left out of the starting line in the first team and was disappointed but showed great attitude in riding for the second match and his chance will come again in time .