Elite: Ipswich 104 Newport 73

Ipswich 104
J.Chittock 12+2, C.Rumbold 11+1, L.Mower 10+4, A.Peck 15+1, A.Hill 9+2, J.Brooke 19, R.Fellgett 10+1, M.Hill 8+2, B.Harvey 6, A.Harvey 2

Newport 73
M.Carmichael 18, N.Evans 9+2, S.Bennett 12, K.Greaves 6, O.Sidwick 17, C.Simmons 6, J.Sidwick 5

Referee T.Ashford, Suffolk

Ipswich comfortably beat Newport in the season’s final match at Whitton Sports Centre, the visitors riding several of their combination squad in the first team. Ipswich opened with a 6-4, then a 7-2 after Evans was excluded for unintentional use of the leg, then a 7-3. Newport were able to claim the ins from heat 5 and delivered a string of 5-5s up to half time with Carmichael, Evans and Sidwick taking heat wins as Ipswich contained their partners.

Ipswich started the second half with a 7-3 from Brooke & Hill. They brought Alex Harvey at number 10 in to heat 11 for a taste of Elite League action, who with Peck scored a 6-4 over Evans and Simmons. Jamie Chittock was excluded for the home side for use of the leg which brought down Evans, Rumbold delivering a heat win for the home team’s only heat loss.

Ben Harvey came in at number 9 for a 6-4 with Brooke and a heat win in a 7-3 with Ash Hill, and the match finished with two 5-5s. Overall a tidy performance, the Ipswich riders gaining 15 bonus points as they prevented Newport’s stronger riders from protecting their partner.

A special mention for Newport’s Sean Bennett, the Under 14 youngster getting stuck in to bigger riders from the gate and riding tactically especially with Nicky Evans for a very respectable 12 points.


Ipswich 60+64
B.Harvey 15, H.Bacon 8, A.Harvey 14+1, R.Johnson 6+1, I.Johnson 6, F.Harris 10+1

Newport 70
M. Carmichael 15+1, J.Sidwick 6, O.Sidwick 14+1, K.Greaves 13+1, S.Bennett 15, C.Simmons 7

Referee T.Ashford, Suffolk

Newport’s 64 penalty points meant that to win they would need 13 7-2’s, so unlikely. The match played out in the spirit of the Combination League, the stronger riders taking points where earned and offering points and tactical lessons to determined youngsters. Ben Harvey and Sean Bennett though did not ask any favours, both riding to 15 off 4.