Select Office Furniture win at Street Velodrome!

Select Office Furniture entered a team in round 7 in Bury St Edmunds – all the riders do or have worked with Select, but coincidentally Phil, Reece, Cody, Ian, Adam and Ash are all Eagles. 🙂

Cody and Reece qualified first and second for the finals. Ash and Adam tied for fourth but handed their final place to another team to avoid Eagle-overload. Cody won the individual final by 6/100s of a second, and Select Office Furniture won the team points event.

We’re flanked in the photo by friends of the Eagles John Stockwell and Tanya Griffiths, both officiating the event and Pro riders for Suffolk Saints in the national racing series.

Like the look of street velodrome? Get along to Charter Square in Bury and have a go on Saturday, or turn up Sunday and see the pros racing!

Select velodrome team