Thanks for Saturday

A Big thank you to all of those members (Riders (Both Senior and Junior) and Parents) that gave up their time and put in the effort into making Saturday’s British U19 and BWGL event a huge success. It was always going to be a tough ask for getting the events run on time, when shoe horning in the extra events that the BWGL brought, but despite the delayed start to the U19 Final itself, it was a fantastic affair and thanks to the riders drawing out their own positions an event that went right to the last heat. We couldn’t have asked for a better formula even if we’d fixed it ourselves.

To those that helped with the organising in the run up to last week, and those that helped out during the evenings (and days too in certain cases), a big thank you from all of us on the Committee. To those who helped out on the day in organising and running the Sweet stall, Tuck Shop, Pits, First aid, Start gate, Flags, Broom Hands, Hose holders, Runners etc. a big thank you for making it a relatively worry free day throughout.

Comments from our visiting dignitaries, the Mayor and Mayoress of Ipswich and Colin Docker (BC director and CS commission Chair) were extremely positive and that is in no small part to each and every club rider and member on the day, so again thank you. Visiting Team officials on the day, from across the country also congratulated us at the end for a wonderful days racing. A big thank you also to those that although could not help due to other commitments in the lead up to the day, did turn up to watch and support our riders and the event in general, you added to the atmosphere that is always special at Ipswich on big event occasions.

It was nice to see our junior riders leading out the U19 finalists and among them three new members this year. These are the Club’s future, and who knows one day (and soon judging by the quality emerging we have at the club) one of them will be crowned a British champion themselves.

Again thank you all.

Regards … Jamie Goldsmith